Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blake's Holiday Show

Every year Blake's daycare puts on a holiday show. This year they decided to do it a bit different. Kids two and under had their own show in the school gym. It was total chaos. Kids crying, parents trying to take pictures...basically a hot mess but an opportunity for parents to create memories for years to come. Blake's class was suppose to dance to two songs...most kids were crying or confused. Luckily, Blake sat on Miss Kelsey's lap and danced in circles without a single tear! I call that a success. On top of it all, my Dad was there and he still did well instead of running right to him. At the end Santa was there and Blake wanted NO part in getting close to him, however, the second we left all he talked about was wanting to sit on Santa's lap. Maybe next year we can get him on Santa's lap!

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