Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zoo Lights

As you are all aware of by now, each month we have an annual Malic/Kramer date. December is usually the hardest month for us to plan because those crazy Kramer's have a zillion things going on between the holidays and Eric and Raegan's birthdays but luckily we were able to fit in our date. No shocker that Katie suggested Zoo Lights and no shocker that the Malic's were concerned about the cold. Thankfully, it was actually "decent" outside and we were able to go into the indoor exhibits enough that no one was really cold. 

Besties in the wagon!

A selfie with the hubby to prove I was there and not just behind the camera the entire time

Saying hello to the fish 

Yep, they are holding hands! So cute. 

I am horrible at taking pictures of lights at night so this was the best I got. It was really pretty and festive with the lights everywhere.

The little peanuts in front of the Dolphin height display. 

Minus Blake falling off of his chair during dinner (there was a lot of crying and blood, but luckily he just bit his lip and was fine although Raegan might have gotten more upset than him about the situation, she loves her Blake!) the trip was a great success! 

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  1. Great pictures. Love how big both little ones are getting. Good "selfie", Jenny.