Thursday, January 30, 2014


This past Sunday we had Katie, Eric and Raegan over for our monthly date. Blake really wanted to make cookies with Raegan. We baked the cookies in advance and got the frosting and sprinkles ready to go for the second Raegan walked in the door. I am pretty sure Blake finished all of his cookies by the time Raegan finished two of them. Haha. Raegan was so sweet and took her time and didn't make any mess, Blake on the other hand, sprinkles and frosting everywhere! The best part was watching Louis' reaction to sprinkles everywhere-- totally worth it!!

After cookie decorating we all headed downstairs to play. Blake didn't nap at all on Sunday so he started to get really cranky and not in a sharing mood. We came back upstairs and he asked to watch a movie and before the movie started-- he was out cold. Raegan then got all of the attention and colored and had free reign of the Malic house. It was such a nice and relaxed get together :) We have to savor these last few because we will quickly go from a group of 6 to a group of 8 in a matter of weeks!!

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  1. Darling! :) You two moms are amazing. Lucky kids.