Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Raegan's 2nd Birthday

Blake had been practicing for a week to sing "Happy Raegan" and hold up two fingers for Raegan turning 2. He was really excited for her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday. He of course fell asleep in the car on the way there so he was clingy and a "party pooper" for the first 45 minutes until we ate lunch. Then he and the rest of the kids ran around the Kramer house like CRAZY. All those toys and their favorite things: Flashlights, cardboard box and climbing stairs!

Eating cupcakes!!

Oh ya know, just hanging out in the shower with flashlights


Katie and I were twins! We did not plan this at all, but in all fairness Katie bought me the sweater for Christmas so I kind of blame her!!!

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  1. What a fun party. I love the "twins" picture. Raegan & Blake are such great buddies.