Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blake Update

My Mom tells me all the time after Blake does or say something funny that I should be documenting this in his baby book. I find this ironic because my Mom didn't document that much in my baby book but it did get me thinking. When he was little every month I would give my update on him but now that he is older I haven't really been capturing how fun he is at each stage. Each month I will try and do a recap for Blake and Brooke. 

Lately this is what my little man has been up to...

The park, the park, the park. The kid LOVES the park. Swings, slides, sand area you name it. He has NO FEAR and will climb and jump on everything. 

The kid loves being outside, but he especially loves playing with water. He doesn't care if its a large pool or just an ice bucket, he will play all day long if we let him. He is also a big fan of stripping down when playing in the water. (P.S. This water was FREEZING and he didn't care at all)

Blake has a soft side. He never goes anywhere without his blankie and sleeps with about 1,000 stuffed animals. He gives them hugs all the time and takes them to school and outside. 

Trucks and Sports. This kid loves any trucks or cars that are big-- the bigger the better. He also really likes to play golf and catch and tackle.

He is the sweetest big brother. He gives her the bottle and will put the blankie on her to keep her warm. He even sings to her when she cries. He is always sweet to her. He doesn't like it when Mommy gives Brooke too much attention and wants Mommy for himself but he sure does love Brooke. 

He of course still has a life long bond with his toy lawnmower. This is by far his favorite toy and he asks everyday to play with it. He understands everything and mimics the funny phrases everyone says. He likes Woody and Buzz from ToyStory and the movie Frozen (aka the "snowman movie"). Applesauce and fruit snacks would be his diet if I let him. He thinks its cool to drink out of a water bottle. He is potty trained for during the day and we even got him to poop on the potty (a HUGE accomplishment). 

We love you buddy!

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  1. Wonderful update on the little guy. He continues to delight and amaze me. Amazing post for your first week back at work, Jenny. Hope all is going well.