Thursday, July 31, 2014

4th Annual Malic/Kramer Wisconsin Dells Trip: Part 1

I can't believe that the first time we went to the Dells with Katie and Eric there were no babies (well technically we both were pregnant) and now here we are with 4 kids. Man, time flies. This year we stayed in a villa at the Wilderness Resort. The Villa was really nice because it had a full kitchen and washer and dryer and plenty of space for 4 kids and all their stuff!!!! 

This is the first Weston and Brooke picture. Please keep in mind Brooke is only 26 days older. I have such tall and chunky babies!!!

I brought Glo-Necklaces, the kids loved them and immediately Blake turned them into swords :)

The weather was actually really mild and sometimes rainy so we stayed in the indoor pools the entire time. 

Showing us their squirt guns

Our sleeping beauty. Her swimsuit is too cute!

Daddy and Blake in the wave pool

We do NOT have a water baby in Brooke yet. Any time her feet touched the water she cried. We will need to get her over it fast.

The best picture of Katie and I and the babies. They were more interested in each other than the camera

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  1. Looks like the trip was a fun success. Great pics.