Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Filled Wisconsin/Michigan Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Marinette WI/Menominee MI to attend my cousin Nicole's wedding reception. She got married in Mexico but was having her reception since everyone couldn't make it down. Ironically, it was in the same place that my Grandma Picard lives. So it was one big family reunion!!

On Saturday my Grandma Picard hosted my Grandma and Grandpa Unti at her house so that the kids could play and my grandparents could meet Brooke. 

Grandma Unti with Brooke

Grandpa Unti and Brooke

My Grandpa and Blake kept making scary faces at each other. Blake LOVED it. 

On Saturday for dinner the Unti clan went out to dinner before the wedding. My Aunt Leslie got the kids toys and she got Blake this Spiderman ViewFinder and he thinks they are his superhero goggles!!

During dinner Blake and my Uncle Terry (my Dad's brother) really bonded over being silly and using the Viewfinder. At the reception, Blake was OBSESSED with him. He followed him everywhere and he wouldn't leave his side. Luckily my Uncle was a great sport about it. I find it very fitting because my Uncle Terry's daughter Darrina is in love with my Dad so it was nice to see. 

Me and the Bride. I wish I took more pictures but sometimes it is better to be in the moment than glued to the camera!

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  1. Looks like the trip was well worth it. Your family will be talking about how cute the kids are for a long time. :)