Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Christmas

This year we started off by spending Christmas Eve at my parents house. We had a nice meal and the kids (that included Louis, Me and Sean) got to open one present. 

Brookie was teething and had an ear infection so she wasn't really into smiling. 

We used Papa's computer to track Santa. Blake wouldn't stop staring at the screen!!

Christmas morning Blake woke up to find that Santa brought him a "little kitchen" just like he asked for!!

Brooke was also really excited for all the presents

And Santa made good on his word to get Blake a "big shooting gun". This thing is crazy!! Oops. 

My attempt to get the kids to sit and look at the camera in front of the tree... Oh well. 

After we cleaned up and enjoyed the presents from Santa we headed over to my parents house to continue the celebration. 

Blake was VERY excited to get his own bag of pistachios. Haha. It is the little things. 

This is Blake telling me to get Brooke off of him and away from his toys!!

Blake "teaching" aka taking over Brooke's new toys

My attempt at a family Christmas picture 3 out of 4 isn't bad. #tryagainnextyear

The coziest way to spend Christmas. On the couch watching a Christmas movie

The next day after a quick visit to the doctor for Brooke (to get her back on medicine for her ears) we headed down to Flossmoor for the Malic side. 

Hey Blake, show me your new sword... 

Brooke riding Louis' old rocking horse

Oh look, it is a Christmas miracle, a picture of Louis and I. 

This year was so much fun. Blake was totally into opening presents (in fact he opened pretty much everyone's) and was so excited for Santa. We made cookies and watched a zillion Christmas movies. I bet next year is even better when Brooke can get more into the holiday spirit. 

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