Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brooke: 11 Months

How in the heck am I writing her 11 month post? I swear it was yesterday that she was born. Heck, this time last year I was walking around 4 cm dilated and convinced she was going to make an early arrival. She has developed quite a personality. She makes faces that I know I will see when she is a teenager. She points to everything she wants and gets VERY upset if she doesn't get her way. Brooke has an obsession with our microwave and just stares at it. Haha. This past month she got her ear tubes and she did great and knock on wood, so far her ears have been clear. She is in love with Blake and when he gives her attention she is the happiest girl ever. She FIGHTS nap time, she knows she might miss out on something and cannot allow that to happen. She hasn't walked yet but stands by herself and walks while holding something. Her hair is getting super crazy so it is getting harder to tame it. She isn't a fan of holding her own sippy cup and only eats finger foods. At this rate, she will never learn to use utensils because she refuses to let us feed her with them! She is wearing size 18 month clothes. 

Taking monthly pictures at this age is extremely difficult. She does not sit still. Luckily, I have Blake help take the pictures and she will entertain me for a bit. The first two pictures below were taken all by Blake :) 

Blake at 11 months!

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  1. Our baby is growing so fast. Her pictures are darling. Blake sure hated his! I think it was the white 'onesie'! :)