Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly B&B Update

Miss Brookie: She is becoming a Mama's girl. Lately she wants to only be held by me and cries/reaches for me. She tries her hardest to keep up with Blake and has been standing really well by herself. She is too scared to step without holding on, but I don't think walking is that far off. I am starting to plan her first birthday party-- um, how the heck did almost 12 months go by so fast? We are working on getting her to nap consistently at school and sleep in (she is up by 5:15am regularly). 

Blake: He is all boy. He wants to discuss bad guys ALL THE TIME. He loves playing bad guys, santa's sleigh and train conductor. He has so much energy I have no idea where he gets it, yet totally crashes everyday and naps regularly. He might be too into bad guys because he is scared to sleep in his room alone so he has been sleeping on our floor (a habit we need to break!). He loves wearing costumes and if you stop by our house at any given time we ALL are dressed up to fight bad guys. He loves Brooke, but does not like it when she gets more attention from Mommy. 

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  1. Awwww. Two really cute, smart, adorable kids. No partiality here!