Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Weekend in Michigan

Twice a year we try and get together with Melanie. Usually in the March/April timeframe we go to Michigan and in the fall she comes out here. Last year since we had Brooke we didn't get a chance to drive out there. This visit was long overdue. We left on Thursday after lunch (to time it around naps) and got there around 6:30 their time. Within an hour of being together they were playing like best friends. I will warn that most of the pictures are blurry because these kids refused to sit still for pictures. 

Maddie's nudist tendencies rubbed off on Blake

Brooke loved when they included her in the tent

We took the kids on Friday to Pump It Up and Blake's favorite was the huge slide 

Those cheeks!!

Huge suckers from Chuck E Cheese

They grow up too fast!!

Bed jumping and climbing at its finest

Definition of a successful trip = sleeping in the car on the way home

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