Friday, March 6, 2015

Pink Polka Dot Birthday Party: Part 2

We timed her party so that she would nap and wake up to the fun. Once she woke up we put her in her party dress (thanks to Rusty and Priscilla). Super girly and lovin' it!!

Someone always wants Papa snuggles when he is around

Grandma Malic dressed to match the theme, love it!

Daddy and Mommy with the birthday girl

Blake spent the first two hours of the party just like this, sleeping on the couch. He doesn't care about all the noise around him, he loves his naps!

Grandma Unti and Brookie

Fruh didn't know it but it was a secret audition for babysitters, and he passed!!

Hey Blake, wake up, its my party!!

Just because Blake had to wear a silly hat on his first birthday doesn't mean I have to Daddy!!

You want me to eat this? She was not a fan of the cupcake, she ate none of it. She ate all of the cheese popcorn instead. 

Blake was eager to help her with opening presentsx

Blake and Raegan are experts at this gift game

Besties. They work well together Blake comes up with the crazy and Raegan follows

Fairy Godmother and Brookie

Godfather with Brooke

Thank you to everyone who came. She was surrounded by lots of love. She has plenty of stylish outfits for spring. 

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  1. Great party for precious Brooke. Everyone had so much fun. Blake played the big brother role well, once he woke up! You throw a great party, Jenny!