Thursday, September 10, 2015

Door County Trip

Over the Labor Day weekend we headed up to Door County with my family. Last time we were there I had just found out I was pregnant with Brooke so it had definitely been a while. 

First stop, wine tasting! Blake spotted the big pumpkin!

I swear it was Sean's idea to sit on these!!

Just the boys relaxing!

Someone found the park

Silly faces

I made Louis take this pic

This little lady refused to wear her swimsuit at the pool. Not sure that is acceptable much longer!

Who doesn't love a huge chair?

Papa and Popcorn, what more could a girl want?

She looks 12, tear!

This picture totally makes them look so much alike!

Family picture attempt (please note Blake refused to let go of his new shooting gun in these pics)

As long as a hotel has luggage carts we have free entertainment

Random goats on the sidewalk

Getting messy at the beach

Someone stole Papa's hat

Papa and Grandma

Another record, we took more than one picture of us....woohoo

A special thanks to my parents for the weekend and for keeping the kids in their room!!! 

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  1. Great pics of a fun weekend. Great way to end the summer.