Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our goofballs

This post has a ton of random pictures but the theme is the same: our kids are such goofs!!

One night I got a text from Brady's Mom with a picture of Brady going to the bathroom and so the appropriate response back was to have Blake do the same!!! HAHA. 

On Saturday we took Blake to the Marvel Universe show and he was very excited. All he wanted was a light up toy and popcorn. Done and Done (although my wallet took a hit!!)

On our way home from the show.... this is proof he is my child. That is how I sleep in the car!

Why do we even bother to buy toys...this girl was entertained paper towels for a good 30 minutes.

It is a little hard to see but our little diva in the car was rockin' her shades and was talking on her cell phone. Haha. 

Blake loves to wear his shades on his head like Mommy

Naturally, whatever Blake does, so does Brooke

I love when Blake comes home from a haircut, it is the only time I get to see his hair "done"

Someone wanted to wear big brother's hat and necklace

LOVE Blake's cheesy smile

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  1. Thanks for your continued ability to entertain us w/ pics of the little cuties!!! Keep them coming! :)