Friday, January 8, 2016

Our Winter Break: Part 1

Christmas Eve was spent at the Malic's Cary house, and I failed miserably to take pictures. Before going over to their house though we had to make cookies for Santa. And yes, I cheated and bought the pre-cut cookies and just added frosting and sprinkles!

They were NOT wanting to wear the Santa hats!

Blake was obsessed with opening presents and tried to open every single one for every single person. 

Christmas morning we had Santa visit us and the kids were really excited to see what they got. 

Brooke was getting the hang of opening presents and wanted in on the action that Blake had been doing

After hanging out at our house Christmas morning we headed back over to the Malics. The day after Christmas it was my family's turn to celebrate. 

Brookie got a sleeping bag that is just like Blake's so they decided to set up shop watching movies and eating popcorn. 

The best attempt at a family picture

Piggyback rides with Uncle Sean

My parents got Blake a fish tank for his room. First pet!!!

Thug Life

We didn't have a white Christmas but got some snow the Monday after, Blake was very excited!

Brooke made huge progress in actually wearing a coat, gloves, boots and a hat. YIPPEE. She was terrified of the snow plow. 

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  1. Great pictures. It was such fun to be able to see you all so many times.