Sunday, January 17, 2016

A January Adventure

The other weekend the Malic family had quite the adventure. Blake had his first playdate with Brady without us there. The plan was the kids were going to play at Brady's house for awhile then Brady's Mom was going to drive them all to Medieval Times for Brady's birthday. Meanwhile, Kathy was watching Brooke at our house. That left Louis and I to hop on the train with my parents and meet Sean in the city for his birthday dinner celebration (and celebrating my Mom's). Everything was going great, until we were about 15 mins away from Chicago and I got a text message from Brady's Mom saying that Brady was in an ambulance!!!! Apparently the boys were running around and Brady stepped on a lego and it went through his foot. Clearly, I panicked but I was also grateful it wasn't Blake and we werent there. Blake and Carson (Brady's older brother) hung out with the neighbors while Britt and Brady took a quick trip to the ER. After being stitched up, Brady came back home and insisted on playing with Blake. During the craziness we were all sitting in the train station in Chicago trying to decide we if we needed to get back on a train to come home. Luckily, that ended up not being the case. We headed over to RPM Italian. I have wanted to go there for YEARS and was super excited. The food was AMAZING and we all had such a great time (once I was relaxed and knowing Blake was OK). 

Carson being Darth Vadar with Blake and Brady (pre- incident)

Apparently these boys changed their outfits about 100 times during the evening. And, were even not wearing pants when the ambulance and fire department arrived. 

Post incident shooting some hoops

Cupcakes tend to make everything better

Meanwhile, we were stuffing our face at this awesome place

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