Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hilton Head Island Vacation: Part 1

We were all VERY ready for a much needed vacation. On Friday morning we were up bright and early ready to hit the road. For this trip, the kids rode with my parents and Louis, Sean and I were in the other car. Selfishly, I loved this part because I could relax and read books :) 

After two LONG days in the car we finally arrived!!! Blake liked his home for the next week. 

Got on the beach to watch the sunset that first night. Some good Blake and Daddy time. 

Day 1: Up bright and early and ready for swimming.

Mom and Sean 

Blake worked all week on perfecting his jump into the water

Brookie was a fish, she was loving the water

It is scary how alike these two are

Ready to head to dinner: matching shirts for the win!

Day 2: Back on the beach early in the morning

In the morning Louis golfed the Harbour Town course. Unfortunately, a tropical storm was coming in and he got soaked. He made it through all 18 holes but had to buy a new shirt in the club house to dry off. 

Meanwhile, even though it was pouring we hit up the outlet mall (had roofs for us to walk from store to store and stay dry. Luckily they had some little rides for the kids to keep them entertained. 

Even though it was raining, it didn't stop the fun. We had a family movie night with popcorn to end our day

Day 3: Clear skies and sunshine returned!!!

Blake and his new friend the blue heron. He was there all week. 

Fueling up with a good breakfast

Blake showing off his muscles

Burrito babies

While Blake was napping Brooke put on his hat and shirt :) 

Back on the beach

All cleaned up for dinner

One of my favorite pictures. There was a guy singing right in front of them and Brooke thought it was too loud. Haha. 

Ending the night with ice cream 

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  1. These are great pictures. Such fun. I love Brooke's hair in the double ponytails. They are real characters. I didn't know that Blake could pick up Brooke!!! Love the blue heron too. Can't wait for more!