Monday, June 20, 2016

Hilton Head Island Vacation: Part 2

Day 4: How else would we start our day other than the beach!

Blake's version of "surfing" haha

We were at the beach club and brought the tent and chairs. The kids were playing and relaxing in the tent. 

Blake's first snow cone. Safe to say, he was a fan. 

It didn't take much for me to convince Sean to do this

More jumping

My parents offered to watch the kids so Louis, Sean and I could have a dinner out. The first real picture of Louis and I were the result!

Sean and I 

Day 5: Can't beat walking on the beach every morning. 

 When I asked Blake to open his eyes, he said "Mommy I cant, the sun is right there!"

Why walk yourself when you can hitch a ride?

One of the coolest parts of the whole trip was seeing this turtle just swimming along as we were walking. I have never seen a sea turtle on HHI before. 

After our morning beach adventure it was time to get on the boat we rented for more fun on the water. 

Look out, Brooke is driving!

This picture is for everyone who says my Mom and I look alike :) 

Best part of being on a boat, its amazing powers to put my kids to sleep

Brooke is sleeping, and since she insisted on sitting on my lap I am holding her life jacket so it wouldn't bug her while sleeping. 

We dropped anchor near a sandbar but because it was high tide there was no beach so we just swam around for a bit. Yet again Blake can't open his eyes because of the sun. 

Brookie Bean (the boat is anchored and turned off with Louis right next to her, which is why her life jacket is off)

The kid just couldn't stay awake

After our boating adventures we cleaned up and headed to the beach to continue our traditional of informal family pictures. 

The bribe to get them to cooperate during family pictures? A trolley ride!! Trolley selfie for the win

On top of the Harbour Town lighthouse

Family Photo fail!!

How can you not have fun ending your day on top of the lighthouse!

Day 6: Always bittersweet since it was our last day....

At the park 

After dinner the kids really wanted one last swim and it was probably the best time they had all trip. Brooke refused to wear a swimsuit ;)

Watching the sunset from the pool

Hotel are exhausting!!

Special Thanks again to my parents for such a great vacation. We loved it!!

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  1. Fun pictures. The kids are at such good ages for all of the fun things to do this year.