Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blake is 5!

I honestly cannot believe that my sweet little baby is five! It doesn't seem possible. It seems like just yesterday he was sleeping in my arms and now he is his own little person. 

Here is a little update on our not so little boy!
- He is very into TMNT, Star Wars, LEGO's, Trucks..pretty much all boy things!
- He has really started to like golf and tennis (takes after his daddy!)
- Thanks to his jr. kindergarten class is into all things science and animals
- He will play costume and pretend ALL DAY LONG. His favorites are to play fireman, zoo animals and shooting guns
- He has an artistic side. He is constantly drawing. You can't get him to want to read books at all, but coloring, he will rock that all day long
- Has an obsession with stuffed animals. He has a trillion of them in his closet and he rotates out who he sleeps with at night. However, Brutus the dog is his favorite. 
- Refuses to wear pants or long sleeves. Case in point, it was 41 degrees this morning and he rocked a t-shirt and shorts
- Is the best big brother most of the time. He will play with Brooke and encourage her. They definitely can fight and get on each other's nerves but he is really patient with her usually
- He is a baby whisperer. This kid LOVES babies. His favorites are cousin McKenna and baby Nancy. He babbles to them all day long and they are obsessed!! 
- He needs "couch time" he likes time to just chill out and watch some TV. He likes the quiet. 
- He is 44lbs and 3 ft 8 inches 
- He would eat his weight in grapes, apples and watermelon
- His "best" friends are: Brady, Adelyn, Mason, and Maddie (Melanie's daughter)

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  1. That's a wonderful summary of our precious Blake! We continue to be grateful to you that you "birthed" him & are his most fantastic Mommy!