Friday, April 21, 2017

Goddard Prom

Every year Goddard has a Prom for all of the Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. The kids get all dressed up and there is a DJ. Parents are allowed to come the last part for pictures but most of the night it is a kids only fun party. 

We decided that the 3 amigos (Blake, Brady and Adelyn) should all get ready together. I cannot wait to recreate these pictures at their actual proms!

The 3 amigos at school beforehand
 At Britt's house all ready to party. The sparkling grape juice was so cute, and Blake HATED it, haha!

 Little sister getting in on the fun
 This kid has absolutely no personality......

At the end of the dance when we went to pick up Blake, Brooke saw her bestie, Brooklyn and they started dancing like CRAZY. They basically were a blur until the dance ended. 

The kids had such a great night and I got Blake in real clothes. WIN WIN!!

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