Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our annual Michigan Visit

Every March we head out to Michigan to visit our favorites!! This trip was even more special because we got to meet baby Jack for the first time!!

This was about 5 minutes into the trip. The weather was terrible and raining so bad but the kids didn't seem to mind
 And 5 hours later we are there!!
 Jack is so stinkin cute I couldn't stand it

To help get the kids energy out we took them to a bounce house/play place

 Such a good baby
 Brooke and Maddie making brownies
 On Saturday we headed to a local Easter egg hunt. My kids have never done this before but they were ready

 It should be noted that Brooke went with the big kids and as soon as they ran off and kids started grabbing eggs she got scared and cried. So the nice workers gave her a few eggs for just her to get and all was well in the world.

They are all getting too big!!
Thank you to Melanie, Adam, Maddie and Jack for hosting us. Our kids definitely weren't on their A game behavior wise so it is much appreciated to have such great friends to deal with the chaos!!

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