Monday, June 6, 2011

Deck Take 2

Last summer Louis and I decided that our deck needed some serious TLC. The wood had never been treated and since the deck isn't covered with the association it was up to us to keep it nice and not rotting. So last summer Louis pressure washed the deck and then stained/sealed it. It looked great. Unfortunately since the wood had never been treated it sucked all of the stain/seal and was looking pretty crappy again, not to mention the deck gets direct sunlight for pretty much the entire day. We decided that we needed basically re-do the deck again to ensure that it would last. We headed back to the Home Depot and bought more stain and Louis got to work :)

This is the before pic, and while its a little difficult to tell you can still see how the wood is discolored and uneven from the sun and elements taking a beating on the poor wood. I forgot to take an after picture but lets just say it looks a thousand times better! Now if we can just get rid of the wasps on the deck we will be in business.

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