Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mr. DePaul MBA's

Yesterday marked the last day of grad school for both Louis and James. Assuming they pass this last class then they will both have DePaul MBA's. Even though they put in about a third of the effort I did (sorry I had to take that jab), it is still a big accomplishment and deserves a blog shout out. Not to mention not having to pay for school anymore is AWESOME!

In case you wanted some more detail around their grad school journey here it is:

They both took all of the exact same classes. There was only one class that James and Louis took separately (due to me not allowing Louis to enroll in the summer class during our wedding/honeymoon). They were in every group project together they could be in (i.e. the only times they weren't is when the professor picked the groups). They will have the exact same degree with the same concentration and I am pretty sure their GPA is extremely close-- if not identical. I blame this last part mostly on the fact that most professors probably had no clue wh0 was wh0 and was forced to give them the same grades.

Ya, I know, they are weird, but I love them both (in different ways of course!).

Congrats Louis and James!

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