Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Traditions

On Saturday Blake had his first trip to Wisconsin. Every year for the last few years Louis and I have been going to the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva to see the Christmas lights and decorations. This year we decided to go to Gordy's for dinner and then drive over to see the lights. Sean, James and Colleen also came with us.

Blake was wearing a cute Santa outfit for pictures but at dinner he ruined that outfit so the backup onesie outfit is what he had to wear for pictures. While I was initially bummed about the outfit I realized that who the heck cares what he is wearing-- he is so stinkin cute in every picture regardless.

At the Grand Geneva waiting for Daddy to come in from parking the car
Lobby at the Grand Geneva (they change the theme each year)

James and Colleen
Family picture
The Malic crew
The Unti crew
I swear we didn't plan this intentionally but my parents actually were at the Grand Geneva with family friends Rusty and Priscilla, so of course we had to all hang out.

Blake looking at the ceiling and lights. I swear he is totally fascinated with anything that lights up or involves drywall!

I can't wait to go back next year and Blake will be running all over the place checking everything out. Maybe next year we will be able to get cute pictures with his holiday outfit!

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