Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Blake Pictures

On Saturday when Wisconsin played Michigan State I knew that I had to dress Blake up in his Badger gear. When it came time to pick what pants to wear Louis picked the camo ones and his reasoning "its his Wisconsin outfit" I guess everyone from Wisconsin wears camo and Badger gear. Haha.
Burping...always a dangerous game for whoever is doing that job
Blake had his first "real" bath on Sunday night. I got in the tub to hold him and let him play. I think he enjoyed it but he was fussy that night so we didn't play long. He did have his camo duckies in the tub to make it a boy bath

On Monday my parents had off of work so we all went to Woodfield to hang out. Blake LOVED looking at all the lights in the stores and on the Christmas decorations.

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