Monday, December 19, 2011

Pictures of the Blakester

Last Thursday Blake had his 2 month doctor's appointment. He is 11 lbs 6 oz and 23 1/2 inches! He had to get 3 shots and took it like a champ. He cried for a minute but then we gave him a bottle and he calmed down. He got a Scooby Doo and Hulk bandaid so we had to take a picture.

Blake after his bath
Daddy thought it would be funny to stick his ears out like an elf

My grandpa had bought Blake a pilot flight suit so we had to take some pics with him out he can be the next Top Gun


  1. Great pics. Love the bandaids, elf ears & flight suit. Way too cute.

  2. Ahhhh I love the pilot suit even more on him!!!

    P.S. He weighs 8 pounds more than Maddie and is 7 inches longer.