Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blake's Birthday Love {Part 3}

This birthday blog post focuses on the presents. Yes, I am trying to milk this birthday party for numerous posts, so be on the look out for Part 4.
Blake was attached to my Dad pretty much the entire time so of course he started off opening presents in Grandpa's arms.
Chewing on the IWU football from Uncle James
Raegan wanted to join the birthday present action
Blake and his popper toy. Both grandparents got him the same thing as did Uncle Sean and Uncle James. Our family are in sync with presents.
Blake quickly got over the opening presents hype and gladly allowed Aubrey to step in and help open presents. She is an expert after all :)
Yep, that is Raegan and Blake playing together. VICTORY!
Aunt Katie wins the award for best wrapped present. (It was a sweet wagon!)


  1. Finally, my kid plays! Best party of my weekend! Raegan not being a wallflower!

  2. hahaha! I love that he got 4 popper balls. Too funny. They can all keep one at their house for him to play with ;)

    Looks like he got some awesome gifts! And wooo to Raegan and Blake playing!

  3. What a fun party for all. Blake played the "birthday boy" perfectly.