Thursday, October 11, 2012

New House

It is not 100% official (we still have the appraisal and close) but we are most likely moving in December. Louis and I knew that our current place (a townhome) wasn't going to be our forever house. With Blake's arrival we quickly realized that our current setup wasn't the best for a toddler. We have LOTS of stairs and not a lot of space. The original plan was to move in the spring of 2013, but with the current interest rates and lower housing prices, we decided to start the search process. After a few months of searching online and viewing homes we found a winner. It was difficult to merge Louis and I's top priorities but we managed to get it all. We are in a great neighborhood, down the street from the elementary school (my wish lists) and great yard with big trees and more nature setting (Louis' wish list). The house does need some work and upgrades but we think this is a good space for us. We are planning on renting our townhome since we dont believe we can sell it without taking a serious loss. More to come for sure.

Front Yard

Backyard. We actually own that land but must maintain its conservancy. :)

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  1. How exciting to find such a perfect home & setting. Can't wait till you're moved in. Such fun.