Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blake's Daycare Happenings

Blake has been doing really well at daycare lately. For the most part when we drop him off in the morning he is perfectly OK with us leaving and quickly runs to play with a puzzle or hang out with his friends or Miss Amanda. He is also talking up a storm. He prefers to count to three in spanish (such a smarty pants!!) and definitely has a strong little personality. When we come pick him up after work he rarely wants to leave and would rather keep playing. 

His crazy hair! Don't worry I convinced Louis it needs to be cut :)

Probably one of the cutest daycare pictures yet. All smiles!!

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  1. I love those pictures. Bill made copies of the last one & we both have them hanging in our offices @ work. He sent copies to the 'great aunts' in Pittsburgh too.