Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blake's Swim Class

Blake has been in swim classes since he was six months old. Louis and I would rotate each week on who would go into the pool with him. It was mostly just getting him used to the water and practice going underwater etc. Well, once he turned two he could start swim lessons without Mommy and Daddy. Louis and I were BEYOND nervous to have to go in the pool with a teacher and not us. We were prepared for a royal meltdown. However, we lucked out BIG TIME. Logan, one of Blake's best friends from daycare was in his class. SCORE ONE FOR US. He was super excited to hold hands with Logan and go in the water. The first class he cried a little because he was confused why we weren't in the water. Ever since then he loves it. He gets excited and talks about it all week long. "Pool, Logan, Swim, Wet" is all he ever says. Mr. Tyler (his teacher) even convinced Blake to wear the goggles. 

Blake rockin' the goggles (Logan is next to him)

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