Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grand Geneva: A Christmas Tradition

Warning: I am actually in a picture! More than one if you can believe that. Woohoo!!

Every year for the last few years we have made it a tradition to go up to Lake Geneva to see eat at Gordy's and then see the lights at the Grand Geneva. Luckily, my brother was able to drive down from Green Bay just for the day. The weather was perfect!

After lunch on the pier at Gordy's (looking for the fish and ducks)

Louis, Sean and I

Family picture. I don't care that he isn't smiling, at least he is someone looking at the camera

Papa, Blake and Grandma (they were looking at the other camera so hopefully they got a better one than I did)

After Gordy's we stopped at Pier 290 because Sean had never been there. Everyone got a drink (well minus Blake and I) and just relaxed. Louis and I actually got a picture together. 

Uncle Sean showing Blake the big boats at Pier 290

After Pier 290 we headed over to the Grand Geneva. I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with their displays this year. The big tree in the front was definitely the is to hoping next year is better. 

Blake "wrote" a letter to Santa and then watched the Elves come get all the letters to bring them to Santa

Every year the Grand Geneva tries to do a theme for their displays... I will assume by the displays they were going for a "Wisconsin Christmas" 

I am pretty sure Santa doesn't roll around in camo and a four wheeler

You know you are in Wisconsin when.......

Santa's "Man Cave"

Yep..... another family picture. This might be a record

We can only expect Blake to pose for so long....

It was a great day and Blake behaved like a champ. Next year with two kids will be even more fun and crazy!! 


  1. What great pictures of everyone. Looks like it was a fun day.

  2. Wait ... was your dad around for the pictures of you three? If so that that is a true win! :)