Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

This past weekend we had a lot of family time in to celebrate Easter. On Friday my Grandma and Aunt Linda, Uncle Steve and Mitchell came to visit. We hung out at our house and ordered pizza. Blake took a bit to warm up but by the end of the night he was running around the basement playing. On Saturday we spent the day at my parents house and had dinner. Blake was LOVING playing tackle football with my Uncle Steve. He is still working on learning how to catch. I definitely slacked on taking pictures with them in town but I did get a few. 

Teaching Blake how to catch

My Grandma and Brooke 

On Sunday we loaded up what felt like half of our house and headed down to Flossmoor for the Malic Easter. The weather was AMAZING!!!  It was a lot of just lounging around and being outside. 

Aunt Colleen and Brooke

Blake got this T-Ball set last Easter and was really enjoying it this year although he needs more practice on not just hitting the pole and just the ball. 

Coloring with Grandad

Colleen and James hid Easter eggs in the yard and helped Blake find them

Blake insisted on carrying this Bunny around while looking for eggs. The Bunny sings an annoying song but Blake loves it and it is hilarious. Luckily, it lives at Grandma's :)

Only decent family picture. We need to have Louis practice holding Brooke better for pictures. Haha. 

Blake wanted to ride in Brooke's stroller and pretend to be a baby :)

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  1. What a great Easter. Thanks for making the 'trek' to Flossmoor. I love the picture of your Grandma & Brooke. So Special.