Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blake and Brooke Happenings

Brooke's ear tube surgery went really well. Even though she was nervous and scared (she freaked out over seeing the scale) she didn't cry when they took her away. And plus, she was ADORABLE in her hospital gown. I love this picture, it is me trying to act like everything is fine (even though I was freaking out inside) and Brooke acting like what the heck are you doing to me. 

Daycare has magical powers. They get him to wear boots, snowpants, coat, hat and gloves outside. 

Her hair is so crazy and out of control. Lately she HATES any bows or clips or headbands. I can sometimes get a little ponytail in but that is about it. So, crazy hair it is!

This might be my favorite picture of Blake. He is in the zone at the computer. Those headphones on him are so cute!!!!

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  1. Wonderful pictures & story line! A treat to read & see. Only a "mom" would know the anxiety that you were feeling preop! Good job of hiding it from her! Brooke has such a 'Blake look' in the preop picture. He surely is zoned in that computer picture. He looks adult-like, and in the snow picture he looks like a little one again!