Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Winter Break: Part 1

From Christmas Eve through New Years daycare is closed, thus we have to figure out stuff to do during our winter break. Luckily, both Louis and I had off of work the entire time so we got lots of good family fun. Blake really loves to do art and projects, especially making superhero masks. I had to make about 10 before he found one acceptable enough to wear. Ugh, I wish I was more creative. Haha. 

With Brooke getting more mobile and needing more of our attention, Blake has been wanting to get our attention even more. Thankfully, Uncle Sean got Blake a Chuck E Cheese gift card for Christmas. Grandma Malic watched Brooke for us and we headed there for the first time. Blake was way more entertained by riding the little "rides" versus playing games. Also, Chuck E Cheese was way cooler when Louis and I were little, haha. 

Monster Truck ride

Horsey Ride

Attempting Skeetball

Riding a rocket ship

Riding with Chuck E. There was a big Chuck E walking around that Blake spent half of the time chasing and keeping a safe distance while being totally fascinated. He finally gave him a high five before we left. It was a fun way to spend some Blake time!!

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  1. Precious and so good to enjoy him while he still "somewhat little". Time going way too fast as we see Blake growing in every way.