Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blake's Musical

Last Friday night Blake's school had a Disney Musical for kids 3 and up. Blake was assigned to be Timon from the Lion King. First up, we had to rent the movie at the Library because he had never seen it, ha. Second, the parents were in charge of costumes. He got a tail, stripes on the side of his pants (which he NEVER wears pants so this was a feat in itself) and then a shirt with Timon on it, which I made (WOOHOO). 

Brady was Pluto...can you tell they were excited?

Meanwhile, Brooke and her bestie, Ruth were outside waiting for the show to begin while inhaling a bag of popcorn. (Ruth's Mom is Ms Karyn, one of the teachers who we LOVE). 

She can't be interrupted during popcorn eating to take a picture

Grandma and Daddy!

The musical was 20 songs.... Blake was the last song... haha. Walking onto the stage

In the middle dancing

After a few seconds of dancing, him and Logan started play fighting...good grief. Needless to say, I think he had a lot of fun. 

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