Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July Celebrations

This past weekend we did a lot! Having kids makes the holidays so much more fun because you get to experience all the joy and fun all over again!

First up, on Friday night we went to the Crystal Lake Lakeside Fest. We met up with some of Blake's friends and their awesome parents. Although, since we spent our entire salary on ride tickets we think we will opt to only take the kids during the wristband unlimited ride times next year!!

Blake and Mason on the motorcycle

Britt (aka Brady's Mom), Beth (aka Mason's Mom) and I. So glad I have become friends with such awesome Mom's!

Who knows what these crazies were talking about. 

Brooke HATES loud noises, she is very sensitive to them. Therefore the only ride she went on all night was the train ride. She was a fan!!

Blake and Brady on the big slide. 

This picture perfectly sums them up. 

Blake also got to experience his first ferris wheel ride :) 

Thanks Britt for the photo op during the ride

On Saturday we went with my parents and headed up towards Fontana (on Geneva Lake in Wisconsin) for a day at the beach. The weather was perfect!!

Little diva was NOT having it with her feet touching the sand, her solution, sit on the chair and play. 

The big sand hill was the biggest hit with Blake. He would have stayed there all day if we let him

We took a lunch break at Gordy's (literally right next to the beach)

Even though the kids had not really napped, we gambled and took them over to Pier 290 for some more play time while the adults had some beverages at the outside bar area. Right next to the bar is sand for the kids to play in.... win!

Little diva approved of this sand on her toes (in all fairness this sand was more sugar sand and not as rocky as the beach).

Getting good at the selfie game

Mom and Dad :)

We even saw a shark when we were leaving!!

On Sunday (my birthday!!) we woke up and headed downtown CL for breakfast (which will now be a tradition since we have done it two years in a row). The kids actually let me take some pictures. Matching shirts for the win. 

After breakfast we decided to go to the CL parade. We had never been. We found a great spot at my old church and set up camp to wait for the parade. Next year we will be a little more prepared on how it all goes down. There were LOTS of people and it was a great parade. 

Poor girl couldn't stay awake. This is impressive considering the HATES loud noises and feel asleep during the parade. I did keep her ears covered though ;) 

We ended the night with the CL fireworks. My parents stayed with Brooke (again with the loud noises and her not being a fan) and we took Blake. He played catch for about 1.5 hrs before the fireworks. He was LOVING running around. 

I didn't get any pictures on the actual 4th, shame on me but we went to lunch at the Malic's and then stopped by Amy and Graham's for their annual 4th of July party. The kids LOVED all of Jackson's toys and backyard play stuff. A great summer weekend that left us all exhausted!

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