Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Lately

Here is our life lately!

Blake moved up another level at swimming this week and got a ribbon. He was very proud of himself!

Brooke wanted in on the picture

Blake loves school, especially arts and crafts

Brookie loves it too!

Last Friday night I went out to dinner with Britt and Wendy (aka Brady and Adelyn's Moms) to a sushi restaurant. Britt captured my first time trying sushi! 

Saturday morning no one is at the park as early as us, dang these kids and their early wake up times!

Bike insisted on riding his bike to the park to practice :) He is finally coming around to loving his bike

We took the kids to the Arlington Race track for the first time. They were super excited to see the horses, although we picked all losers and came home without winning

After the racetrack we stopped by to see James, Colleen and McKenna. Blake and McKenna have a special bond. Blake literally can speak her language and she loves it!!

Cousin pic!!

Monday night it was 85 degrees outside and we forgot to take down the kiddie pool in the backyard so the kids had a pre-dinner party. 

 Then we got crazy and took the kids slide from the basement and turned our little pool into a waterpark!

And yep, Brooke refuses to wear a swimsuit for more than 30 seconds.....

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  1. Fun pictures. I love how Brooke is actually liking to get her picture taken now. Blake does speak McKenna's language. So cute to see.