Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Fun

The last few weeks have been really busy in the Malic household. The weather has been amazing so we are trying to take full advantage because you never know how long it will last. The other weekend we decided to meet up with the Kramers and Sumps at Three Oaks Recreation Beach for a fun water day. It is crazy that we went from college frat parties to playdates. I love that we have been friends for so long!!

Miss Nancy wasn't sure of this beach thing at the beginning 

Trucks + Sand= Heaven for my kids


We haven't had a picture together in awhile, much needed!!

Mary, Nancy and I 

Blake is a baby whisperer, he speaks this babbble that all babies seem to LOVE. Nancy was no exception. 

Blake and Raegan making a road

Ice Cream Break!

For those of you who read this blog regularly know that Blake has two best friends, Brady and Adelyn. He loves these two so much. So when I got this picture from school I almost died. I texted Britt (Brady's Mom) right away saying lets keep this one to show them when they graduate high school. 

Goofball at school

My new favorite picture. When these two love each other it is so cute. 

Hi, my name is Blake and I have a stuffed animal addiction. Blake got to pick a toy at the mall, and he picked Sven. 

Teaching my kids the value of a sale!! Ha. 

Last weekend we met up with Matt, Mary and Nancy again at the CLCC to take advantage of their membership for some pool time. We didn't get a lot of time in (boo lightning!!) but we made the most of our time. Brooke LOVED this pool because she could touch by the stairs. She felt like such a big girl. 

Brooke: "Oh, I can touch!" 

Brooke has done a 180, she went from screaming in swim class in February to cruising through the swim levels. On Wednesday she got a ribbon for moving up yet again to another level. Here is how they take a picture to celebrate, ha. 

I love when I get pictures from school of the kids throughout the day. 

Um, where did my baby go she isn't in this picture :( 

Pretty sure Blake's favorite day is water day!

Happy Summer!

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  1. Wow, I just checked to see if there's a new entry & I am rewarded w/ these darling pics and narration.