Monday, September 26, 2016

Mancina's Visit

Every fall Melanie (and now Adam) make the trek out to Illinois for her annual visit. Maddie and Blake are little besties so it is really fun for them to play together, and to have Brooke try and keep up.

They got into town late Thursday night so Friday morning we were up and ready to have some fun. We headed over to Richardson Farm for the kids.

Fun on the big slide!

Train Ride 

Pretty soon a little boy will fill in that last spot!!

 This girl can always be entertained with swings

Here is the caption for this picture "hey, we are starving and sweaty and waiting for this wagon ride to start, why do you need to take my picture?"

She was all smiles and so tired that she fell asleep on the wagon ride

Saturday morning

I rented a bounce house for the day to let the kids play and just had an open house for people to come visit and see Melanie. 

He was a sweaty mess within minutes so the shirt had to come off...

 Nancy was a BIG fan of the bounce house

When Blake's shirt comes off, so does Brooke's

We are just missing Katie in this IWU picture

Bouncing is hard work....

The slide was the best part!!

It was a great and relaxing weekend. It is so much fun to see them and hang out. Too bad we live so far away! Already looking forward to March when we get to cuddle with the newest addition to this crew!! 

P.S. Shame on me for only getting one picture with Melanie....note to self for next time.

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