Friday, September 9, 2016

Straight No Chaser

Towards the end of August my parents, brother and I (silly Louis thought he was too cool for a concert and ended up at Chuck E Cheese with the kids instead, ha, jokes on him!) headed up to Lake Geneva to go to George Williams College for a concert on the lake featuring Straight No Chaser. 

It was rainy and stormy all afternoon so we did some shopping in town first. Apparently Sean wasn't entertained with my selfie antics!

We went to Pier 290 for an early dinner beforehand and of course we had to test out the bike in the store

For the concert, everyone parks at the high school and they bus you into the college. 

Dont my parents look happy to be on a school bus!

Once you get to the college, if you have a lawn seat you try and run and stake out the best seats (a lot of seats don't actually have a view of stage). We got lucky and scored perfect seats to see!! 

Pic with my Mom (and my Dad taking a picture of us taking a picture in the background!)

My Mom and Sean

After we set up our spot, we walked out to the pier for pictures

Mom and Dad

The concert was so great! They were amazing singers and made the show fun and funny. We liked it so much that we ordered tickets to see their holiday show in December downtown Chicago. Just call us groupies!!

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