Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Oaks Recreation Area

Today Louis and I had our monthly date with Cheryl, Justin and Aubrey. I am really glad that we have been able to maintain our friendship and see each other on a regular basis :)

Since this is the first month in forever that it has actually been nice weather when hanging out together we decided to go to the new Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake. First though we went to Culvers (I got a kids meal to get the free ice cream!) because the Culvers at the park doesn't open until next weekend.

The park was really nice, there were tons of paths and places to hang out. You can rent fishing boats, paddleboats and kayaks. There is also a beach area and a playground/splashpark for kids. It was extremely windy but we still had a really good time-- the best part was we got Miss Aubrey pretty tired which is the goal for all parents.

Aubrey LOVED walking on the bridge

Cheryl tried to get Aubrey to play in the sand but she wasn't having it-- not to mention the water was ice cold
I was offered many slobber filled Cheerio's from Aubrey

I can't wait until it gets consistently warmer outside and we can rent some boats and have fun on the water.

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