Friday, June 29, 2012

Bathtub Fun

In the mornings when I am getting ready Blake likes to hang out in the bathroom with me. This was fine until he started to master the art of standing. He now only wants to unroll the toilet paper, flush the toilet or try and pull his bathtub out of the tub. I figured that since he already can pull the bathtub out, he might as well get to play with it (and it might actually allow me 5 mins to get ready uninterrupted). This morning I put the bathtub in his room and let him play around. At one point he had it over his head and was hiding out in it like a fort. Silly kid! Once I was done getting ready, with him sitting in it, I dragged him into our room, he thought he was on some fun ride :)

P.S. Note to any new parent. Do not buy your kid toys. Just give them tupperware, measuring cups, random stuff in the house and plastic cups. Endless entertainment!


  1. We totally do the same thing with Raegan. Her tub ends up in the family room at least twice a week!

  2. That is just too cute. Everything is a happy adventure.