Monday, June 25, 2012

Blake and Raegan

Yesterday we had our monthly Kramer/Malic date. It had been awhile since the whole group got together because Katie and I took last month as an opportunity for Mommy only time. Since the last time Blake and Raegan hung out Blake hit Raegan in the face I was a little worried this time around. They actually did great together. Blake tended to ignore Raegan a lot and Raegan was fascinated with Blake's helmet. They do have opposite personalities, Raegan basically watches Blake act like a crazy kid and is probably thinking "what the heck is that kid doing?". They are 11 weeks apart but because Blake is so tall and Raegan is short its hilarious.

They are both standing

Blake is telling Raegan that crawling is lots of fun and she should try it

P.S. I stole these pictures from Katie's blog because she took most of the pictures yesterday. I cannot wait for our July vacation to the Dells together. Blake and Raegan in the pool is going to be so much fun!