Sunday, March 3, 2013


This past weekend my Grandma, Aunt Linda, Uncle Steve and cousins Erik and Mitch came down to visit. On Friday night we ordered LouMalnati's and on Saturday after Blake's swim lessons and nap, we headed to the Lucky Monk for lunch. Afterwards we went to Cabela's to look around and give Blake a change of scenery. Of course the whole weekend the only pictures I took were at Cabela's and all of Blake. Shame on me!

Blake warming up by the fake fire

Blake is telling Erik to come sit shotgun

Cabela's is the best "zoo"

All of the playing required to sit and take a rest

What a cutie! I am happy to report that today we successfully got Blake a haircut and he no longer looks crazy!


  1. Love these last two pictures of my little man... kisses from auntie Katie

  2. Sweetest little guy. He looks right at home at Cabela's.