Sunday, March 24, 2013

Malic Kramer Date at the Children's Museum

This month for our Malic/Kramer date we decided to head to Naperville to go to the DuPage Children's Museum. We met for lunch at 11am so that we could get there right around when they opened and before it got insane. Good thing because by the time we left were we not only exhausted but it was pretty crowded. 

Blake hanging the fish on the hooks

Blake and Daddy playing with the track

You could create your own ramps and everytime Blake put a piece in the wall he would clap because he was proud of himself.

I was super impressed with Miss Raegan. She was running and playing and not nearly as shy as she has been in the past. 

They had a water station and of course that is where Blake spend most of his time

Yep, that is my kid trying to eat the toys. Side note, he was pretty much the only kid who refused to wear the apron so he got soaked and I had to change his shirt. 

In the wind tunnel trying to throw a frisbee

Playing with the trap door in the sailboat

Future sailor

He found this step stool and brought it over to the display

Had to get a picture with Raegan at this infant station, makes her look tall :)

It was so nice to hang out with Eric, Katie and Raegan but ALL of us were exhausted at the end. I think there will be a future Malic/Kramer adult only date cause this kids can wear us out!


  1. what was it about today, i think we all could have used the naps the kids got in the car. good seeing your face today though!

  2. Great pictures of Blake & Raegan, Jenny. What a fun time.