Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Eggs

While I totally realize that Blake won't remember coloring Easter eggs, Louis and I will, so this year we attempted to color Easter eggs. Lets just say that it did not go so smoothly, but hey, it was all about the experience!!

Blake was in charge of dropping the color tablet into the cup...well he put multiple colors in some cups. He is such a rebel!

He was way more fascinated with trying to crack open the egg than dye them. He was also really impatient waiting for the eggs to turn colors so most of the time Louis was in charge of watching Blake while I colored the eggs

Our eggs! (the one that looks greenish is the one that Blake put multiple colors in), then there is a blue one that says Blake and my pink one with swirls. 
It was definitely more work and mess than fun but who cares, it was something to do as a family! Next year I think Blake will do much better with it.

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  1. So cute. You & Louis are very brave and wonderful parents. :)