Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visit from Melanie

Last weekend Melanie made her annual trek out to Illinois to visit us. Of course Maddie and Adam came with and it was really nice to see them. The kids got along GREAT!!

At Nick's Pizza :)

Backyard playing

They insisted on sleeping together at night in Blake's bed

On Saturday my parents and Louis' parents volunteered to babysit and we went to Kevin's Halloween party. This was us in 2005.....ahh babies in college

Now, 2015..... :)

Louis and I in 2005

Now 2015 (please ignore his weird half smile coupled with his trucker glasses!!)

Kevin was generous enough to provide a limo so we let the kids inside before taking off. 

In the limo

Sean showed up at the party as well

Me and Colleen

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  1. Cute pics & comments. You even wrote "come with"! :) Such a fun visit. We had fun watching the kids too. They are all wonderful.