Monday, October 5, 2015

B&B Fun Pics

I can't even begin to describe how much Blake loves Brady. I believe at this point, he is an honorary sibling! At school they had superhero day and I got these pictures from Britt (Brady's Mom). Seriously cute!!

Then for show and share it was the letter "P" and Blake brought a plastic pumpkin :)

Blake and I rode the train to meet Louis and Brooke (who drove) and Sean in Palatine for lunch. It was great having a little Blake and Mommy time, plus he LOVED being on the train!

Blake always comes to the grocery store with me and while I was checking out, he grabbed a spot on the bench and started reading his new book!

This little missy loves to count "oneeeeeeeeee" haha. 

Blake was being a doctor at school

I have no idea why her sweatshirt is on backwards......

Our little pizza delivery boy!

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  1. These two are always entertaining and able to produce huge smiles!