Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How is my baby 4?

Please someone tell me when he went from this.....

To this...... 

Blake has been such a joy to watch grow up. He is so sweet and loving, and especially patient with his sister. He LOVES to color, he will sit for a long time and color. He is all boy, he jumps and kicks and runs around like crazy. He is very into TMNT and Avengers. Hulk and Spiderman are favorites. He refuses to wear long sleeves and getting long pants on him is struggle, haha. He is still napping at school and is hit or miss on the weekends for us but he definitely still can use the nap. Brady and Adelyn are his best friends at school. He still will appease me and cuddle and get "cozy" with us. Just like his Daddy, he likes his couch time. WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!

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  1. Our Blake is a treasure. He is always surprising me with his imagination and his attention to detail. Every visit with this little guy is special w/ new surprises.