Friday, July 7, 2017

June Roundup

Somehow I blinked and the month of June flashed by. Here is how we spent most of June.

We celebrated Karyn's birthday at Shakou in Barrington with all of our favorite Goddard parents.

We hung out at Grandma and Grandad's house with Miss McKenna

We went to Three Oaks beach for after school swims

We celebrated Father's Day/ Louis and I's 7 year anniversary with mini golf

Louis and I's annual anniversary picture. I have been taking a picture of us every year on our anniversary since we have been married. I am so glad we have this little fun tradition. It is fun to watch us grow old together!

We hung out at the park in our PJ's

We even squeezed in a Kramer/Malic date

And we signed up for the summer reading program and someone seems to be a fan!

We even had a very special dinner with Ms. Hildebrandt at Tracks in Cary. We are sure going to miss her when Blake is in elementary school, but luckily for us we still have Brooke to go in her class!!

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